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Application of Sandblasting

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Update time : 2022-04-27 14:32:12

  Sandblasting is one of the most efficient ways to clean and prepare surfaces. Woodworkers, machinists, auto mechanics, and more can all use sandblasting in their work, especially when they fully understand the many ways that sandblasting can be used.

  1. Remove Rust and Corrosion: The most common use of media and sandblasting is to remove rust and corrosion. Sandblasters can be used to remove paint, rust, and other surface pollutants from cars, houses, machinery, and almost any other surface.

  2. Surface Pretreatment: Sandblasting and media blasting is great way to get a surface ready for paint or coating. In the automotive world, it is the preferred method to media blast a chassis before powder coating it. The more aggressive media like aluminum oxide leaves a profile in the surface that actually helps the powder coat adhere better. This is why most powder coaters prefer items to be media blasted before coating.

  3. Refurbishment of old parts: refurbishment and cleaning of all moving parts such as automobiles, motorcycles, electromechanical equipment, etc., colleagues eliminate fatigue stress and extend service life.

  4. Create Custom Textures and Artwork: For some special-purpose workpieces, sandblasting can achieve different reflections or matt. Such as the polishing of stainless steel workpieces and plastics, the polishing of jade, the matting of the surface of wooden furniture, the pattern on the surface of frosted glass, and the texturing of the surface of the cloth, etc.

  5. Smoothing rough Casting and edges:  Sometimes media blasting can actually smooth or semi-polish a surface that is a little rough. If you have a rough casting with sharp or irregular edges you can use a media blaster with crushed glass to smooth a surface or soften a sharp edge.

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