460 Stainless Steel Shot

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460 Stainless Steel Shot

  460 Stainless Steel Shot

  Model NO.: stainless steel shot

  Use: Shot Peening, Sandblasting, Polishing


  Material: SUS304, SUS430

  Grain Sizes: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm

  Origin: China


  1. Tidy Up: Throw the pill tidies up,spray pill to tidy up,have color aluminum metal alloy,copper metal alloy,magnesium metal alloy,the zinc metal alloy to die-casting a piece to tidy up,the stainless steel Cast piece throw pill to tidy up,the stainless steel Forging piece throw pill to tidy up,the Forging piece spray pill to tidy up the Cast piece pure sand,the stainless steel plank to tidy up,the stainless steel material tidy up,the stainless steel plank tidy up, having the color piece the etc. surface to the hair stab with light whole bright turn to process a processing, can raise the anti- of the work piece tired,the anti- decay function and cover up the Cast piece surface blemish, making the product surface increase white,shining.

  2. In Addition to Rust: Throw pill in addition to rust,spray pill in addition to rust,the Cast piece in addition to rust,the Forging piece in addition to the rust steel plate in addition to the rust,the Forging piece is in addition to oxidizing skin,steel material in addition to rust,H type steel in addition to rust,the steel structure in addition to rust.

  3. Enhance: Stainless steel zero partses throw pill to enhance,hot processing the piece spray pill to enhance.

  4. Throw Pill: There is color aluminum,copper,the magnesium zinc to die-casting a piece to spray pill, the stainless steel steel material sprays pill

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