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How can steel pipe be corroded?

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  At present, the steel used for manufacturing large steel structure is basically made of hot rolled carbon steel and low carbon alloy high strength steel. On the surface of hot rolled steel, a layer of hard iron oxide layer, with ferrous oxide (black), is formed, and its thickness increases with the thickness of steel plate or profile. The main chemical compositions of the oxide scale are: ferrous oxide accounts for 40%-90% three, iron oxide takes up 3%-60%, and iron oxide content takes up 0%-10%. Generally, steel products are made into bridges, transmission towers or conditional cut wire shot structures in such a situation. If the steel structure is not treated at this time, some black ferrous oxide will produce white ferrous hydroxide with water, and the ferrous hydroxide will continue to develop to produce brown iron hydroxide. If the steel structure is not corroded at any time, the corrosion rate will be faster. The main composition of the rust produced later is iron oxide containing crystalline water, and corrosion pits will gradually appear on the surface of the steel.

  The corroded steel pipe needs to be rusting with conditional cut wire shot. The steel pipe treated by the conditional cut wire shot will not be damaged by his life, so the Stainless Steel Conditioned Cut Wire Shot plays a great role in the field of rust removal.


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