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Steel cut wire are widely used in various industries

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  1. mold industry: the mold is mostly forged, and the mold itself requires lubrication and finishing.

  2. Valve production and processing industry: Valve factory workpieces are forged, the need for polishing and grinding, ability to clean, lubricate, flat.

  3. shipbuilding industry: Steel Cut Wire for Shot Blasting Equipment used by shipyards have rust, which affects the quality of shipbuilding and needs finishing and polishing.

  4. iron and steel manufacturing: steel cut wire produced by steel mills and burrs.

  5. forging industry: forging parts produced by forging companies are burnished and polished.

  6. car manufacturing industry: according to the operation request of the car manufacturing plant, the steel cut wire and some forged parts are used for polishing, but it can not damage the strength of the steel plate and the original shape. The shape of the forged parts should ensure the beautiful cleaning.

  7. bearing manufacturing industry: bearing is restricted by mold, and impurities or burrs need to be polished.

  8. steel structure construction company: the steel structure must be derudied before application, so as to arrive at the structural request of the state.

  9. Hardware Factory, Electroplating Manufacturing Industry: Because both hardware factory and plating factory require workpiece surface cleaning, flat, lubrication, finishing and polishing. In summary, Steel cut wire are mainly used for rust removal, polishing, scale removal, heat treatment and other sand removal, surface strengthening treatment and so on.


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