Conditional cut wire shot in the process of shot blasting

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  Conditional cut wire shot process requires effective ratio of steel sand and steel balls to produce qualified products. The steel ball manufacturer will give you an introduction to this detail, so that it is convenient for us not to know how to mix it when shot.

  ISO Sand Blasting Media Conditional Cut Wire Shot manufacturers found that with the increase of casting shot blasting process time, when the shot blasting machine was used, a large number of steel slots flew off the gap of the hook type shot blasting machine. It will cause more waste than necessary, and it will also hurt people by flying steel balls and steel grit. The steel ball manufacturer suggests that you pay attention to the following 3 points to avoid this phenomenon.

  1. The proportion of cut wire shot is properly matched to increase the fluidity of cut wire shot, and to reduce the residence time of the steel sand in the shot blasting machine and form a good circulation process.

  2. The layout of the projectile ejection of the shot blasting machine is rationally arranged, so that the cut wire shot blasting machine is ejected on the surface of the workpiece to reduce the damage caused by the conditional cut wire shot impact hook type projectile body panel.

  3. The repairer of the hook type shot blasting machine should often check the use of the shot blasting machine. If the body of the shot blasting machine is damaged, it should be changed in time to avoid the greater waste.


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