Extensive application of stainless steel shot

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  First, high quality steel, wool and steel chips were melted. Then the molten steel was thrown into the water by centrifugal disc high-speed centrifugation. The surface temperature of the steel ball fell sharply to form the pellet, which was a quenching. After a quenching, the pellets were dried and reheated in the furnace to achieve the suitable hardness. The steel balls after the tempering treatment were selected by mechanical sieve to form different grades of products conforming to the SAE standard to be used for the shot peening equipment.

  Excellent heat treatment control technology gives the best elasticity and fatigue resistance of the stainless steel shot, and the S410 Stainless Steel Shot with different granularity and hardness are suitable for different processes, such as the shot peening which is widely used in large mass and heavy parts or materials.

  Stainless steel shot are widely used for deoxidation and derusting before steel workpiece painting. In this case, centrifugal shot blasting equipment is often used. The ball shape and the smaller hardness make the steel ball not wear much to the equipment.

  Stainless steel shot are also widely used in sand cleaning of castings.

  When used with proper equipment, the steel ball is the best abrasive for surface cleaning because of its durability.

  Applicable industrial scope

  Aviation industry; automobile industry; sandblasted / spray lacquer; consumer goods manufacturing; container manufacturing / repair; casting;

  Granite / stone cutting; shipbuilding and ship repair; oil and gas pipelines; factory maintenance and metalworking.

  Applicable process range

  Surface pretreatment, sand cleaning, pipeline descaling and strengthening before painting.


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