Steel Grits is a commonly used metal work piece processing materials

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  Steel Grits is a commonly used metal work piece processing materials. The steel Grits have a tight organization, uniform size, with steel grit surface treatment of metal parts can play a role in increasing the surface pressure of metal parts, can be a good job to improve the fatigue resistance of the work piece . The use of steel balls to deal with the surface of metal parts with cleaning speed characteristics of steel grit with appropriate hardness, with good resilience, the internal corner and the shape of the work piece can be complex and rapid cleaning and shorten the surface treatment time , Improve work efficiency, is a good surface treatment materials.

  Steel grit is a high-quality wear-resistant materials, steel grit of moderate hardness, toughness, a good impact resistance, long service life. In the cleaning of the work piece has a good rebound, clean-up speed, low consumption. It has a wide usage range of G16 Steel Grit, like castings, forgings and machined parts of the surface after the heat treatment and parts in the surface at a variety of areas. General manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc.


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