The steel shot finished black Casting is to melt the steel

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  The  steel shot finished black Casting is to melt the steel and then poured into the sand mold in the molding, and then cooled the casting. Therefore, the black surface of the steel shot is the color of the iron oxide formed by the chemical reaction of the high temperature steel surface and the oxygen in the air. Ferrous oxide, also known as iron oxide. Chemical formula FeO. Black powder; Melting point 1369 ± 1 ° C, relative density 5.7; Do not dissolve in water, alcohol and lye, soluble in acid; very unstable, heated in air quickly oxidized to ferric oxide.

  Steel shot is a commonly used metal work piece processing materials. The steel shot have a tight organization, uniform size, with steel shot surface treatment of metal parts can play a role in increasing the surface pressure of metal parts, can be a good job to improve the fatigue resistance of the work piece . The use of S110 Steel Shot to deal with the surface of metal parts with cleaning speed characteristics of steel shot with appropriate hardness, with good resilience, the internal corner and the shape of the work piece can be complex and rapid cleaning and shorten the surface treatment time , Improve work efficiency, is a good surface treatment materials.

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