How to choose Steel Cut wire

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  In market, due to the limited producing condition of manufacture, small granulation pool diameter(8-14m), small distance to centrifuge (0.2-1m), that led to most Steel Cut wire has a good roundness but bad quality. Well, because of the width of the warehouse and height are short, it can not ensure it has enough time for centrifugal shaped liquid steel shot. Due to the short cooling time, it has a good roundness but it inner can not solidified that will make shrinkage and shrinkage cavity. It will led high percentage broken during using time.

  Thus only those granulation pool diameter larger 20m, forming gap larger 2m can ensure the Steel Cut wire has enough shrinking time.

  In polishing area, the 1.0mm Steel Cut Wire is shot or sprayed to clean the surface of the workpiece. A pit is formed on the cleaned surface. Only the pit and the pit overlap, and the entire surface can be thoroughly cleaned. The more uniform the size of Steel Cut wire, the longer the time required for the pits and pits to overlap, and the Steel Cut wire with a certain mixing ratio of particles, the large Steel Cut wire play a cleaning role, and the small Steel Cut wire serve to clean large-size Steel Cut wire. The gap formed greatly shortens the blasting time, improves the surface quality of throwing and improves the production efficiency.


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