Cut wire shot characteristics

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  Cut wire shot characteristics: moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, can use repeatedly for several times, long service life, good elasticity, strong adhesion, fast clean sand with low consumption, not broken, cleaning the workpiece brightness, good technical effect, after the product processing of metal surface cleaning degree is up to the international standard. The surface roughness of 25-- 100um, thus increasing the contact surface of the metal surface, improve the coated surface adhesion, to refine the metal surface strengthening metal structure, has very significant economic benefits, is the quality of cleaning spray materials at home and abroad the most advanced, the most ideal polishing, rust and strengthening.

  Cut wire shot in the air spraying efficiency is low, high pressure airless spray gun waste paint, both common feature is the serious environmental pollution, so once being air assisted spray gun and portable electrostatic spray gun is replaced by the above cut wire shot due to the engineering machinery parts and components is heavy, Copper Cut Wire Shot heat capacity therefore, the anti rust coating by ordinary boring baking baking average hot air convection, small and medium sized parts can also be used in water screen spray room or pump spray chamber, air gun, spraying tools with high-pressure airless spray gun, air gun and assistant type portable electrostatic spray gun, heat to steam, electricity, light, selection diesel oil, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, due to a wide range of engineering machinery parts, various specifications, weight, parts, common way to stop using spray coating, The heat source can be tailored to the relevant introduction.


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