The storage of Cut Wire Shot

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  Cut wire shot Of the raw material is high-carbon steel or alloy steel scrap steel, but it is the most advanced at home and abroad, the most ideal The cleaning of throwing, rust and strengthen the quality of materials. As abrasive, Hot Sale High Low Carbon Round 1.0mm Steel Cut Wire Shot can be used to do abrasive, such as grinding wheel, Whetstone, grinding head, sand tile, etc., can also do hardware, glass, precious stones, jade and other polishing.But the grit storage, filling problem has been a difficult problem, each time before the sandblasting need to waste a large part of the time to the shot blasting chamber filled with grit, it greatly restricted the work efficiency of shot blasting machine. Steel sand scattered in the vicinity of the working area of shot blasting machine, scattered on the ground of the grit not only make personal safety can not be guaranteed, but also make the grit pollution, a long time in the ground will be rusted agglomeration, can not be used. Collected grit can not be stored, need to put into work as soon as possible in the shortest possible time will be shot out of the amount of steel used to complete filling. The use of demolition of the pipe is not used to make steel into the temporary storage of steel, at the bottom of it is installed on the blanking device, and then use the abandoned water tank to the bottom into a cone, the installation of blanking device, it is installed in the spray Sand chamber above, and the blanking hole corresponding to the sandblasting chamber above the blanking hole, you can make the storage filler. This can be used to store grit steel, in order to save costs and improve work efficiency.


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