Steel Grits operation procedures

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  Steel Grits operation procedures

  1, Sandblasting machine, storage tanks, pressure gauge, safety valve to check on a regular basis. Gas-holder dust emissions once two weeks, the filter in the sand tank check once a month.

  2, Check the sandblasting machine ventilation pipe and sandblasting machine whether door seal. Five minutes before starting work, must start the ventilation and dust removal equipment, ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, sandblasting machine work is prohibited.

  3, Before work must wear protective equipment, are not allowed to be naked arm sandblasting machine operation.

  4, Sandblasting machine, compressed air valve slowly opened, no more than 0.8 MPa pressure.

  5, And spray sand should be adapted to the job requirement, generally applicable between 10 to 20, the sand should be kept dry.

  6, Sand blasting machine is working, prohibit irrelevant personnel access. Clean and adjust operation, the site should be shut down.

  7, Are not allowed to use sandblasting machine compressed air blowing dust.

  8, After work, sandblasting machine ventilation and dust removal equipment should carry on for five minutes and then shut down, in order to discharge indoor dust, keep the site clean.

  9, Personal and equipment accident, should maintain the scene, and report relevant departments. This is must strictly abide by the safety in production is more important than the benefit maximization come.


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