The use of steel cut wire

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  There are many types of wire cuts, according to the use of steel cut wire is divided into stainless steel wire cut, wire shot and the usual high-carbon steel wire cut wire shots and steel cut steel shots.

  Grit as a result of repeated use of contaminated, but also mixed with steel in the impurities, the impact of continued use. Then this time on the need for self-cleaning grit.

  Grit mixed with impurities can be divided into solid impurities and can not have both soluble salts, for the two objects to take a different approach.

  1, solid impurities through the air clear way for self-cleaning. Grit can be recovered in the recovery cycle by way of an automatic sand-suction separator, which removes most of the bulk impurities and more than one-third of the dust, which is removed during the entry into the sand hopper by an abrasive screening machine .

  2, soluble salt in steel grit can be cleaned by regular water removal method, while in the recycling use of different uses of steel grit rotation between the use.

  To gypsum recycling, then this time we need to carry out certain cleaning, the only way to better use of steel grit.


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